Famiglia Statella

Tasting menu with the Chef: food and wine pairing with Etna Rosato Famiglia Statella

My passion for wine started as a child in the family restaurant, when by the side of my father Nino – chef and sommelier in the Catania of the 1980s and 1990s – I got to know the extraordinary fascination of this world, which over the years has also become mine.

Always at his side, I learnt that a good wine, to be exalted and appreciated at its best, must be paired with ad hoc dishes.

In this, for me, he was – and still is – a master: studying and creating menus by pairing them with the most suitable wine has always been his delight, even now that he is retired!

Some time ago I asked him: ‘’ In your opinion, what are the dishes that would go best with the wines I produce?‘’ The idea was to create some pairings with my 4 wines, which I would then share with you.

Well, as every time, he surprised me by creating for each wine a complete menu of starter, first course and second course!

The first food and wine pairing menu that we would like to share with you is dedicated to Etna Rosato: three simple but tasty courses using local raw materials.

Tasting Menu – Etna Rosato Famiglia Statella


Ricotta pie, wild asparagus and black pig guanciale (cheek lard)

First course

Green macco⁕ of “Broad bean of Leonforte” (macco is a creamy soup made with broad beans, typically Sicilian)

Second course

Guazzetto of cuttlefish, baby peas, toasted almonds and courgette flowers

Your mouth is already watering from just reading this, isn’t it?

We hope that these food and wine pairing ideas have tickled your senses and that you can try them at home, perhaps in the company of some friends!

Stay tuned for upcoming menus and let us know if you will try them!