Famiglia Statella


vineyards and contrade

Etna is our territory of origin, it is here that everything began and it is here that we came back, attracted by its unmistakable call.
It is an area characterized by an extraordinary diversity of climate and soils, where viticulture finds an ideal environment thanks to the volcanic matrix of the soil and the considerable temperature ranges. These conditions facilitate a slow and constant ripening of the grapes, contributing to the development of a unique aromatic profile.
Etna is split into hillsides – North, East, South East and South West – in which there are 142 contrade, each of which, thanks to its specific exposure and soils enriched by ancient lava flows, expresses its diversity in a unique way. Each microzone, contrada, vineyard and production has its own distinctive identity.
The vineyards from which we produce our wines are located on the northern slope between the municipalities of Castiglione di Sicilia and Randazzo, home to some of the highest and oldest vineyards on Etna. This location benefits from a continental climate characterized by high temperature ranges, while the soil, composed of black volcanic sands and lava stones, gives our wines a marked savouriness, giving them a distinctive and authentic character.

The contrade

Vineyard and olive grove in the
Tartaraci Contrada

Vineyard in
Pignatuni Contrada

Vineyard in
Pettinociarelle Contrada