Famiglia Statella

Vineyard in

Pignatuni Contrada

Contrada Pignatuni is located on the remains of an ancient volcano called ‘Ellittico,’ whose birth dates back to about 60,000 years ago, predating present-day ‘Mongibello’.
The soils are medium deep, with a sandy loam texture and a significant presence of skeleton, enriched by a good amount of fine crushed stone. 
These characteristics make the soils loose, with good drainage capacity thanks to the sandy texture, but at the same time fertile thanks to the presence of nutrients and the ability to retain water, which is useful during periods of water stress that can threaten plant health.
This unique environment for viticulture produces wines characterized by a rare elegance and complexity. 

For us, the Pignatuni vineyard represents the peak of Etna’s terroir expression. The vines, some of which are pre-phylloxera, grow as small trees on soil formed by ancient lavas, a characteristic that can only be found in the Pignatuni district and a few other areas.

Our wines

Rosè Wine

Etna Rosato
Doc Organic

White Wine

Etna Bianco
Doc Organic

Red Wine

Etna Rosso Doc Cru Pignatuni Old Vines

Red Wine

Etna Rosso Doc Organic Cru Pettinociarelle