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Pettinociarelle Contrada

We began our story as winegrowers in contrada Pettinociarelle. 
It is located on the northern side of Etna, in the municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia, in the upper part of Solicchiata, and it is one of the 142 Contrade recognised by the Etna DOC regulations.
Our vineyard is located at an altitude of 770 metres above sea level.
From a geological point of view, the soils of Pettinociarelle belong to the eruptive activity of the so-called ‘recent Mongibello’, which covers a time span between 15,000 years ago and the present day. They are very poor soils, not very deep, with a prevalence of sand and skeleton, an average mineral endowment and a low organic matter content. 
During the warmer months, they tend to be droughty due to high permeability. 
Due to its special characteristics, the Pettinociarelle district is particularly suited to producing structured red wines with a strong territorial connotation.
For us, the Pettinociarelle vineyard was the first, the one that started our dream. Precisely for this reason it has a unique emotional value.

Our wines

Rosè Wine

Etna Rosato
Doc Organic

White Wine

Etna Bianco
Doc Organic

Red Wine

Etna Rosso Doc Cru Pignatuni Old Vines

Red Wine

Etna Rosso Doc Organic Cru Pettinociarelle