Famiglia Statella

Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil Famiglia Statella

On the north-western slope of Etna, where the sunset sky is dyed pink, in Bronte in contrada Tartaraci we cultivate 100 olive trees. From these trees, some centuries old, we produce our oil, just as my grandparents used to do.

Nocellara Etnea, the main variety of our olive trees, is an indigenous cultivar from eastern Sicily. 

It is a tough one: not easy to cultivate due to the plants’ difficulty in taking root, but at the same time very resilient.

The Nocellara Etnea is also able to resist water shortages and take root both in the plains and at fairly high altitudes, up to about 1000 meters above sea level, as is the case with our plants.

The oil produced from Nocellara Etnea is considered particularly high-quality, given the low yield of the pressed olive. In fact, in the year 2023 we produced just 360 75 cl bottles.

Our extra virgin olive oil is an intense golden yellow colour with greenish highlights. Being unfiltered, it is almost cloudy. 

The taste is strong and slightly spicy, especially in the first months after milling; the nose is fruity.

Area of origin: north-west side of Etna – municipality of Bronte (CT) –
contrada Tartaraci
Altitude: 1,000 m a.s.l.
Olive variety: 90% Nocellara Etnea – 10% other minor local varieties
Harvesting system: manual
Extraction method: cold milling with new generation continuous cycle plant
Appearance: slightly cloudy as it is unfiltered
Colour: golden yellow with green reflections
Aroma: intensely fruity
Taste: strong and slightly spicy in the first months after milling
Packaging: 750 ml bottles in cartons of 6 bottles