Famiglia Statella

Wine is

the quintessence
of terroir


True to the micro-zone of production, each wine celebrates the land from which it comes: we bottle Etna’s wine by nourishing it with knowledge, experience and dedication.

We are the interpreters of an extraordinary territory with countless faces, which we narrate through wine. Ours is a role of responsibility and sensibility for the environment: it is only thanks to the close synergy with nature that we manage, through strictly artisanal methods, to express our territory in a glass of wine

Calogero Statella

Vineyards and Contrade

Mount Etna is divided into slopes – North, East, Southeast, and Southwest – where 142 contrade are located. Each, thanks to its specific exposures and soils enriched by ancient lava flows, expresses diversity in a unique way. Every microzone, contrada, vineyard, and production has its own distinctive identity.

Scroll on the map to discover where we cultivate our vineyards.

Rosé Wine

Etna Rosato Doc Organic

White Wine

Etna Bianco Doc Organic

Red Wine

Etna Rosso Doc Organic Cru Pettinociarelle

Red Wine

Etna Rosso Doc Cru Pignatuni Old Vines